About us

  • ADS DOGECOIN is a Pay To Click (PTC) website that allows you to earn Dogecoin by watching online ads. You can start earning from the beginning if no investment, we offer a 25% bonus on recommendation.

1. What are we ?

  • At Ads Dogecoin, we know that there is a way to unite effective advertising and people wanting to expand their investments, and create new ways to earn money online.

2. What is the difference ?

  • We understand that there are many options to earn money by watching ads for a few seconds. But unlike we have low prices and quality traffic for those who advertise, and we pay per click 80% and 100% to users for participation in website.

3. What are we looking for ?

  • People have little time ... That's why our job is to create a practical, easy secure website where winning dogecoin is the only mission, with no complicated plans or configuration ... You see ads and go!

4. And the advertisers?

  • We understand that advertisers need real, quality traffic at a low price. That is why we offer unique visits and registrations by IP, captcha anti bots, HTTPS secure connection, and different security measures that help to always keep a traffic of people wanting to register in new websites.

5. How to start ?

  • For users and advertisers. Easy!!! you sign up If you are a company user to see ads and win dogecoin and if you are an advertiser you create your campaign in 3 simple steps you make your deposit, and you are already taking traffic to your website.

6. Can I earn more as a user?

  • Clear. You can improve a premium user, and refer the website to new people and you will see how your company balance up to the clouds.